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Three Phase DLMS Postpaid Meter

Adopting large scale IC and SMT processes,the DTSD1088 DLMS meter is made to accurately total active/reactive energy,forward and reverse active/reative energy and maximum demand.And in real-time it also measures and takes in process parameters like active/reactive power,apparent power,Voltage,current,power factor,frequency and so on,and implements time-of-use control,automatic stroge of reading-day demand,and records load profile and events.And with infrared,RS485,PLC communications equipped,the DTSD1088 DLMS meter is an ideal device to realize time-of use energy measurement and efficient processing in ease.It complies with applicable standards of IEC62052-11,IEC62053-21,IEC62053-61,IEC62054-21,IEC62056-61,IEC62059-11,IEC62059-21.

1. Energy measurement (separate and total):Forward and reverse,active,four-quadrant,time-of use,sub-phase.

2. Demand record

3. Real-time parameters

4. Data archive

5. Data freezing

6. Events record

7. Optional infrared,PLC,M-BUS,Ethernet,GPRS communication


 Active Class 1.0 Reactive Class 2.0








 400imp/kwh 400imp/kvarh

 Starting current


 Power consumption

 Voltage circuit:≤2w.10VA Current circuit≤ 5VA

 RTC accuracy


 Working temperature


 Protection degree