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The single phase two wire electronic meter is made of high quality optimized long life components and designed in advanced SMT technique with good performances on reliability, accuracy and load ranges.

 featured with source-load missing neutral anti-tamper function, and provides metering solution benefiting both consumers and power utilities.

It complies with the applicable standards of IEC1036, IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21.


1. LCD display with backlight function even if power failure.
2.Wide operating voltage range0.7Un ~ 1.15Un, withstand 1 hour limit operating voltage up to 380V.
3.The meter can works under harsh environment conditions of kind of variations by high accuracy in a long time

4.without calibration, and its limit error linear maintains flat even during heavy loading status from start to end.

5.Useful infrared communication for meter reading and setting.

6.With active impulse LED indicator and impulse test output.
Anti-Tamper function.

7.Measures voltage and current with LCD display.

8.Maximum demand.