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IC Card Prepaid Smart Water Meter

The instruction is applicable to IC card prepaid smart cold water meter and hot water meter of QS series.
I.Product Profile
QS series IC card prepaid smart water meter accords with the technical standard of National Standard GB/T 778-2007 Measurement of water flow in fully charged closed conduits: Meters for cold potable water and hot water as well as technical requirements of CJ/T133-2012 Safety Rules of IC Card Water Meter and CJ266-2008 Safety Rules of Cold Portable Water Meter.
The factory acceptance test is implemented according to JJG162-2009 Verification Regulation of Cold-Water Meter and JJG686-2006 Verification Regulation of Hot-Water Meter.
IC card prepaid smart water meter is a high-tech mechatronics integrated smart water meter newly developed by the company, which is an instrument of high intelligence with advanced microcomputer control technology as its core and IC card technology as its information transfer medium. Featuring accurate measurement, reliable performance and reasonable structure, it can integrate prepayment, auto-metering, status alarm and prevention of improper use, etc.
1.Working principle and composition
IC card prepaid smart water meter with rotor water meter as its base table is equipped with a new motor control valve and micro-computerized controller of low power consumption and large output torque without loss of pressure. One meter one card is implemented with adoption of advanced logic encryption technique to ensure user's data security and reliability. The product thoroughly changes the traditional water-using mode from paying after water using to paying before water using, greatly facilitating works of the property administrative department of residence and water source management department.  
2.Main features:
● Prepaid function: User shall pay before using water. Water supply will be stopped if the user is in arrearage.
● One-card function: A card can be used for controlling and using multiple smart meters of water, electricity and gas, etc.
● Synchronous display: LCD and mechanical part will appear synchronously. It can refer to the mechanical display if LCD fails to display due to fault.
● Reminder& Alarm: battery undervoltage, water shortage, strong magnetic interference and other fault information will be alarmed on the LCD.
● Data return: Related information will be returned to the administrative system upon user swiping card for water paying. In this way, the administrator can know the water consumption of users.
● Valve self-maintenance: The valve is rotated in a set time to clear incrustation of valve timely, guaranteeing flexibility of the valve.
● Prevention of water storing: Paying limit can be set flexibly via software to prevent users from storing water up.
● Drip-proof prevention: Water drip can be prevented with the drip-proof base table.
● Inspection of water consumption: It can inquire users who don't recharge for a long time or with a low water consumption to detect abnormal users.
● Convenient battery replacement: A cover for battery replacement is designed at the bottom of the water meter, which is easy for replacing the battery.

III. Instruction for Use
1. LCD display

2. Water-paying process: Parameters like alarmed water volume of the water meter should be set before water paying. User plugs the charged IC card (i.e. "user card") into the water meter (it shall put within the card-reading area for the radio frequency type) after buying water in a assigned water-selling department for recharging. Water volume purchased is input into the water meter upon hearing a buzz of Di or showing a display of good. Upon charging, working status and the charging amount will be displayed on the water meter. After that, just take your IC card away and keep it properly for next purchase. It shall insert (swipe) the card once before recharging each time.  
3.Display codes of parameters of the water meter:
If the card read successful the led will light once and the LCD shows Cd xx;
If the card read error the led will light twice and the LCD shows Er xx.
Card read code :
Cd 10: The initialization card is processed;
Cd 20: Adjust time card processing is complete
Cd 40: Set card processing is complete
Cd 50: Query card (query function) processing is completed
Cd 51: Query card (change table function) processing is completed
Cd 70: Invalid user card processing completed
Cd 71: Effective user card (water purchase) processing is completed
Cd 73: User card (water return) processing is complete
Error code:
Er 00: read card error;
Er 01: non 2114 edition;
Er 02: error checking password
Er 03: illegal card (card identification error)
Er 14: system code error (initialization card)
Er 24: system code error (time card)
Er 34: system code error (correction card)
Er 44: system code error (set card)
Er 54: system code error (query card)
Er 56: don't mistake (check card) card
Er 74: system code error (user card)
Er 75: non water meter number (user card)
Er 76: don't mistake (user card) card
Er 77: the number of water purchased wrong (user card)
Er 78: beyond the hoarding limit (user card)
Er 79: sequence error (user card)
4. Valve of the water meter valve will be closed in case of the following situations. Please process according to the following instructions:
(1)"Valve closed" will be displayed on the screen when the surplus water reaches the alarm amount set. The valve can be opened for water using upon swiping the user card and closed again when the margin reaches 0. It suggests purchasing water volume upon the first valve closed. 
(2)"Valve closed" will be displayed on the screen when the surplus water reaches the amount set (it's 0 in general). The valve will be opened merely with card swiping after purchasing water.
(3)The valve is closed with   displaying on the screen, when the water meter is affected by the strong external magnetic interference. The valve can be opened with swiping the user card after the external interference is eliminated.
(4)If the valve is closed with " " displaying on the screen when the water meter detects that the battery is under voltage, please contact the administrative department timely. It's not allowed to disassemble it without authorization.
(5)If the valve is closed for other reasons, please check the remaining water amount and swiping the user card on the water meter to see if the valve can be opened. If not, and the surplus water is sufficient, please contact the administrative department timely. It's not allowed to disassemble it without authorization.
5.IC card water meter adopts the working mode of one meter one card. The IC card can be used repeatedly, which should be carried while purchasing water volume. Please contact the water-selling department for applying for reissuing a new card, if it's lost or damaged. 
IV. Instruction for Installation and Use
1. Before installing the water meter, it shall firstly flush debris like stones, sediments and hemp threads, etc. out of the newly-installed pipeline to avoid breakdown of the meter;
2. It is advisable to choose a meter with a specification of common flow. Diameter of the water meter shall not be determined merely with caliber of pipeline. The water meter shall not be connected with corrosive liquid; Moreover, cold-water meter is prohibited to connect with hot water.
3. The water meter must be installed level with character surface upwards; Direction of the arrow on the meter case should be consistent with that of water flow; The water meter should be installed in a position that should be not only convenient assembly and disassembly as well as meter reading, but also out of sunshine exposure. Insulation measure should be taken in winter.
4. Check valve must be installed on the inlet end of boiler during the installation of water meter for fear of water meter damaged by backflow of hot water and steam.
5. It's prohibited to shelve any items above the water meter. The meter should be kept against moisture. Water drip is strictly prohibited to prevent damaging control system inside the controller of the meter, affecting normal use.
6. It shall pay attention to connection length of the water meter when installing the water meter. Gap of both ends of pipelines should be modified if it exceeds the connection length of the water meter to satisfy the connection length of the water meter. or if it's installed on the excessive gap, connection threaded end or coupling will be broken or the connecting nut will be damaged; Both ends of pipelines of the water meter should be modified to be in the same axis by other approaches to satisfy the installation size of the water meter, if both ends are in different axes.
7. The facet should be installed higher than the water meter for accurate measurement.
8. The water meter should be connected to the pipeline with a movable joint (coupling, coupling nut, seal washer connecting with the pipeline). Don't force to disassemble the water meter for fear of case damage;
9. Dedicated coupling must be adopted in the inlet of the water meter when installing a water meter of water and energy conservation, so as to reduce the fluctuation of water pressure caused by water meter's automatic rotation.
10. All losses should be should be borne by the user if damage of water meter or its fitting is caused by installing not in strict accordance with the installation notes.
V. Maintenance of Smart Card Water Meter
1. It shall maintain before use, if errors generate due to impurities and parts wearing upon long-term use. User shall not break the leading seal on the meter. Please contact the water-supply company or administrative departments for maintaining in case of any abnormal situations.
2. It shall periodically check if the operation of the meter and the battery voltage are normal upon use of the card meter.
3. When unclear data is displayed on the screen upon years of operation, it might be out of power. Please contact special technicians for replacing batteries in time.
4. If messy code or abnormal symbol is founded on the LCD, please contact the water-selling department.
5. The IC card meter as a measuring instrument must be calibrated on a regular basis in accordance with national standard. It shall also replace the batteries during calibration.
VI. After-Sales Service
1.The product is guaranteed for 24 months from the purchase date. Regarding failure caused by quality, a free-replacement and a free- maintenance are promised within one month and within one year, respectively, if lead sealing is complete and valid.
2.The company is also responsible for maintaining the product with charge of cost price after the warranty.
3.The warranty does not cover water meter damaged due to improper installation and other human factors.
1.User shall not remove the lead sealing arbitrarily, otherwise it will be treated as destruction.
2.The company has the right to modify and revise the instruction without prior notice. Actual products shall prevail.
The meter shall be equipped with 2 coupling nuts, 2 coupling pipelines and 2 rubber sealing rings.
Ⅸ.Important Reminders
1.About freeze-proofing of water meter
Normal operating ambient temperature of the water meter should be above 0 ℃. Thus, the administrative department of the water meter must be sure to do well in freeze-proofing work before winter or in the cold region.
Damage, water cutting off, water leak caused by improper installation and use of the water meter or connecting nuts, pipeline break and frozen water surface, etc. or other related losses generated by water cutting off and water leak shall be borne by administrator and user, while product supplier and manufacturer assume no responsibility.
2.About inconsistent display between electrical parts and mechanical parts
Regarding the smart meter carrying with mechanical character wheel for displaying, calculation of usage amount shall be subject to the mechanical character wheel according to related requirements stipulated in Metrological Law if the electronic part fails to display or with different displaying values with the mechanical character wheel due to the electrical part broken.
3.About negative reading of the product
If user continue to consume water upon the remaining volume of the meter reaching 0, while the valve is not closed due to block of foreign matters, water supply consumption will be accumulated according to normal measurement with the excessive water displaying a negative value in "margin". The overdrawn amount will be deducted automatically when the user swipes the IC card for purchasing water, causing no loss to the toll collection department. The administrative department of the smart meter shall patrol directly the location to check water-using status of the user to detect abnormal situations timely if some users don't recharge the card for a long time or abnormal average water supply volume is occurred.
Product supplier and manufacturer of the smart meter assume no liability for water-using losses caused by infrequent patrol and management of the administrative department in charge of the smart meter.