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  • Meter communicate with In Home Display by Radio Frequency to avoid wiring. Wireless signal has features of strong penetration, long distance.
  • Comply with IEC62055, ISO 4064 international standards.
  • IP 65 rating ensure fully sealed with multiple moistureproof & waterproof.
  • Ultra-low consumption, battery  lifetime has more than 6years.  Battery is replacable.
  • Base meter and measuring part is split to ensure easy maintenance and replacement.
  • Automatically clean valve on a regular basis to keep the sensitivity.
  • The high-end chipset ensure stable signal transmission and data security.
  • Can be segmented billing according to the set of steps and the unit price.
  •  Anti-magnetic tampering function.
  • KEYPAD 12 keys, international standard with 0-9 ----numeric key, backspace and enter key