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One solution cubicle is consisted of steel cabinet, three phase CT meter with CIU, current transformer, circuit breaker and wiring terminals.


 dustrial & commercial three-phase prepayment meter with CT 
Local communication via Optical or RS232/485 
Remote communication via GPRS 


n     High quality steel with sprayed plastic coating for durability 
Hinged lockable door with sealing provisions 
 Equipped with 3-phase CT circuit breaker controlled by meter 
 Clear polycarbonate window with weatherproof rubber gasket lining 
 Three large colored lights to indicate power & switch status 
 Lockable & sealable front window for recharging and status checking 
 Lockable & sealable bottom window for MCCB switch 
 STS standard compliant prepayment features 
 STS recharging token entry via keyboard or contactless smart card 
 Option of GPRS & internal antenna for AMR meters 
 Switch wrench attached inside the switch window w/ instructions 
 Grounding bolts for earthing panel with stranded cooper 
 Cable entry & exit holes fitted with PVC cable glands 


External Dimensions

980mm x 730mm x 300mm

Temperature Range

-25 °C ~ +75 °C

Ingress Protection / Insulation

IP53, IEC 529, Protective Class II

Casing Material

Coated sheet steel

Window Material

High quality clear Polycarbonate

Window Dimension

90mm x 120mm

Circuit Breaker

63A, 125A, 250A, 300A,630A, 800A, 1250A

CT Current Rating

200A, 300A, 400A, 500A, 600A, 800A, 1000A

Voltage Rating

3x 230/400V



Enable prepayment metering solution for large power customers 
 Suitable for outdoor installations with air vent and rain shield 
 High quality sheet steel with anti-corrosion coating for durability 
 Clear polycarbonate window for visual reading and check 
 Wide operation temperature range suitable for all temperature regions, including tropical areas 
 Integrated CT and high quality MCCB in one box 
 Support meters with GPRS communication option and antenna 
 Multiple sealing provisions for high-security 
 Large colored LED lights to indicate account & switch status