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Product Presentation
Three-phase BS table a table a list box, use transparent polycarbonate material, with preventing electricity-stolen, electric safety protection, user separation control, etc. Maximize meter box preventing electricity-stolen, integration and utilization of component reliability safety and convenience installation operation, products with excellent transparency, electrical insulation, flame retardant and weather resistance, and light weight, small volume, impact resistance, uv resistance, anti-aging. Product pictures reference chart (subject to final delivery of the product).

A, product configuration list
Configuration list: a list box, list box to install screws five, five expansion bolt, digital seal 3 groups, circuit breaker guide rai。

1、 Technical Parameters
1-1  Able box structure and characteristics: 
A. Table box cover and the pan material USES the PC + ABS material, UV resistance;
B. The upper cover and pan wall thickness 3 mm;
C. Table on the box cover and pan with a lock, to prevent unauthorized personnel to open, and general key to unlock。
D. Table box protection class is IP54。
E. Table on the box cover by rotating open type design, convenient user open list box
F. Table 1 box can be installed only three-phase BS table。
2、 Table box fixed way:
A.  Wood screw fixed way. See below:

             With four M5X30 wood screw and the corresponding expansion pipe will list box fixed on the wall。

B. Steel belt fixed way, see below:

       The table with steel belt fixed on the pole or cylindrical wooden box。

List box on the back of the need to bring derrick installation structure, the reference image

3、 Table Size


4、 Packaging Requirements

Carton: 693*447*250mm
Packing Ruantity:6
Table box weight:920G