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1.    Overview

Single Phase ANSI Type Electronic Energy Meter adopts special large-scale integrated circuit, applies digital sampling processing technology and SMT technology, has characteristics of few external components, simple structure, high reliability, low power consumption, long service life, etc., and can be used to measure the rated frequency of 60Hz. The single-phase AC active energy, high accuracy, wide load, high sensitivity, low power consumption, this meter integrates many functions in one, achieves active energy metering and real-time voltage, current, power and other functions. PC and PDA are used as media to realize the information transmission between users and computer of power utility department. This meter has far-infrared communication capabilities to facilitate power management. And use a variety of software, hardware anti-jamming measures to ensure the reliable operation of the meter, so as to adapt to the power department's effective and timely modern scientific management needs.

 1.1 Technical Parameters

Standards compliant:

  ANSI C12.1-2001;

Management quality standardsISO9001-2008;

Rated voltage

1P2W:Un:120V,operating voltage range(70%~115%)Un;

1P3W:Un:240V,operating voltage range(70%~115%)Un;

Operating voltage range70%Un-115%Un;

Rated current

1P2W15 (100)  A     


  Pulse constant:

1P2W 1000 imp/kWh

1P3W 1000 imp/kWh

Rated frequency60Hz±2%;

Measurement accuracyClass 1.0;

Starting current≤0.004Ib;

Power consumption

Voltage circuit: ≤1.0W or 10VA,

Current circuit: ≤4VA;

Working temperature range-30~+70;

Storage temperature range-40~+75;

Communication modeFar infrared communication port;

Far infrared communication port1200bpsHalf duplex;

DisplayLCD, kWh is displayed in 6 integers;

Battery:3.6 VDC, 1.2Ah Non-rechargeable green battery.


1P2W: 0.7kg (0.834kg with internal carton box) 

1P3W: 0.8kg (0.94kg with internal carton box)

  1.2 Features

  1.2.1 Measurement: Long-term work without calibration, high accuracy, real-time measurement of voltage, current, power factor, software can be used to adjust the error;

  1.3 Working principle

The working principle of the meter is shown in the figure below:

When meter is under working, the voltage and current are sampled by the sampling circuit and then multiplied by the energy processing unit in the SOC chip and sent to the CPU unit in the SOC chip for processing. Finally, the CPU unit in the SOC chip sends the processed data to display parts, communication parts and other output devices according to the needs.

  2. Instructions for use

    2.1 LCD display screen

   2.2 Status indicators

 In the bottom of the LCD display, there are 3 high-brightness, long-life LED light-emitting diodes, which are used to indicate the various operating states of the power meter. They are defined as follows.:

-Power indicator LED (Red):LED indicator lights when power on; LED indicator lights off when power off;

-Current reverse indicator LED(Red):LED indicator lights on for warning when current is reverse; LED indicator lights off when current is forward;

-Active pulse indicator(Red): LED indicator lights on when measuring active energy; LED indicator lights off when meter is without measuring active. 

  2.3 Data display
2.3.1 It adopts LCD displayer and displays accumulative energy and instantaneous demand.


      3.1 Measurement 
      3.1.1 Active energy measurement: forward measurement, forward measurement even when current is reverse, accumulated forward and reverse energy and store these data.

     3.2 Measurement and monitoring

   Measure and display current energy meter’s accumulative kWh consumption and instantaneous demand.

     3.3 Display
    3.3.1 Energy meter display at least below items

           a) Total accumulative energy kWh value;

           b) Instantaneous demand: 2+2;
   3.3.2 Energy displays in kWh unit, display digits are 6 integers.

     3.4 Communication function

3.4.1 With local communication interface: Far infrared communication port.

3.4.2 Energy meter adopts communication port to communicate with PDA, data collector, detection device and computer to realize data transmission, meter-reading and management, etc.

3.4.3 Infrared communication transmission rate is set to 1200bps by half duplex.

     3.5 Signal output
    3.5.1 Energy meter has LED pulse and electric pulse output function proportional to the measured energy consumption.

  4. Dimension and wiring diagram

4.1 Outline and installation dimension:

   4.2 Wiring Diagram



  5. Installation, transportation and storage

5.1   The transport and unpacking of the electric energy meter should not be subject to severe impact and should be transported and stored in accordance with regulations.

5.2   The electric energy meter should be stored in the original packaging, where the ambient temperature is -30°C~+70°C, and the relative humidity is no more than 85%. There is no corrosive gas in the air.

5.3   Energy meter is stored in the warehouse and should be placed on a gantry with a stack height of no more than 6 boxes. After unpacking, the stacking height of the single-packed power meters shall not exceed 6pcs.