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Two Phase Three Wire Electronic Meter
DSS1088 two phase three wire electronic meter, developed by Shenzhen Hexcell Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. is made of high-quality optimized long-life components and designed in advanced SMT technique with good performance on reliability, accuracy and load ranges. It is complies with the IEC standard of IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-21, IEC 62056-21 and IEC 62056-61.


1.Total active energy & 4 tariffs active total energy;

2.Demand Record;

4.Data freeze

5.Communication, PC devices read, program and measure meter via near-infrared

6.Load profile record;

7. Event record;

8.Input& output function;

9. Instantaneous values measurement of voltage, current, active power and power factor etc;

10. Alarm of meter cover open;

11. Display on power off: when power is failed, the meter will display the total current active energy;

12. Programmable display digits: 0 digit, 1 digit, 2digit;

13 .LCD display, the meter supports auto display, display item can be set.