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The electronic remote water meter (NB-IoT) water meter is based on an object Wireless remote transmission water meter connected to NB-IoT private network, through NB-IoT The Internet of Things transmits water consumption data from smart water meters to meter reading charges Management system to achieve automatic control of water use is to improve the water supply sector Ideal metering product for modern management level. This product has real-time data analysis, scientific table management,Timely troubleshooting, reducing operating costs, improving operating efficiency,Does not accept the influence of communication distance, strong anti-interference ability, stable data transmission, remote control, low power consumption and other advantages.This product is a rotary wing, multi-flow beam, liquid-sealed wireless remote water meter, which is used to measure and control the total volume of cold water flowing through the tap water pipe. The materials selected meet the sanitary standards for drinking water metering instruments, and various performance indicators meet the technical requirements of standards such as GB / T778-2018 (equivalent to ISO4064).

All indicators should comply with the latest editions of the relevant national or industry standards:
1."Measures Law of the People's Republic of China"
2."Implementation Rules of the People's Republic of China Measurement Law"
3.GB/T778 "Drinking cold water meter and hot water meter"
4.JJG162 "cold water meter"
5.CJ / T224 "Electronic remote water meter"
6.CMA / WM778 "Technical Specification for Small Caliber Drinking Water Cold Water Case
7.JG / T162 "Remote Meter Reading System"
8.JJG 162-2009 "Verification Regulations for Cold Water Meters"
9.GB/T 17219 "Safety Evaluation Standards for Drinking Water Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials"


 Caliber (DN) mm







 Overload flow (Q4) m³ / h


 Common flow rate (Q3) m³ / h


 Boundary flow (Q2) m³ / h


 Minimum flow rate (Q1) m³ / h


 Measurement range (Q3 / Q1)


 level of accuracy


 Working pressure


 Pressure loss class


△P63(≤0.063M Pa)

 Operating temperature

Cold water meterT30):0.1℃~30℃


Hot water meter(T90):0.1℃~90℃

 Flow profile sensitivity class



 Climate and mechanical environment safety rating


B class 

 Electromagnetic compatibility class


E1 class

 Operating Voltage


3.6Vlithium battery

 Protection class



 Working frequency



 Output Power



 Receiving sensitivity



 Static working current



 Battery life


6Year (Reported once a day)

1.Water meter adopts mechanical and electrical separation structure design, simple installation and construction in the early stage, convenient maintenance and replacement in the later stage;
2.Using dual-Hall sensor design, the minimum measurement unit is 100L, which can realize the forward and reverse measurement of the water meter and ensure the complete synchronization of the electromechanical system;
3.Water meter data is transmitted through the NB-IOT IoT dedicated network, and the data is safe and reliable;
4.Periodic reporting: Periodic reporting every day. The 24-hour data of the previous day can be reported. You can set or change the sending frequency through the platform to minimize the reporting every hour. The data includes data recorded every 30 minutes, a total of 48 recorded information, etc. ;
5.Support manual reporting function
6.Replenishment function: When the data report is unsuccessful, the data will be replenished automatically in the next reporting period, and the data can be replenished during the effective data retention period;
7.Setting function: parameter setting can be performed through the application platform or handheld device;
8.Reporting and resending mechanism settings: data reporting is unsuccessful, water meter data is resent, and resending times can be set;
9.Time proofreading: When the data is reported periodically, the water meter can be proofreaded;
10.Data encryption: encrypt the transmitted data;
11.The water meter detects magnetic interference and low battery voltage, and actively uploads abnormal alarms to the meter reading platform for real-time monitoring;
12.Unified development interface, can support multi-vendor, multi-device integration, easy for later maintenance;
13.6 years of module communication costs are pre-stored in the water meter before leaving the factory.
Data storage: 60 days of data can be stored, when the storage medium is full, the newly collected data automatically overwrites the earliest data;